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Friendly reminder that soldiers bring peace too

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moncler outlet uk May this war stricken stripe of land down there return to a state of peace. He walks off and then gets beaten senseless by another group of hungry kids who wanted it more than he did. Another part told the story of a transport who had stopped for a young kid on the side of the road who promptly blew up when the troops got out moncler sale of the vehicle. They were under orders not to stop for kids and in extreme cases just run over them moncler outlet online if they got in the way of the vehicle. An Iraqi Army soldier and I had to run out with our rifles up to stop traffic and get this little boy. moncler outlet uk

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cheap moncler coats for women And if that might not be the case, than the fact that giving out candy is regulation, could be viewed moncler outlet as psychological tricks to keep the soldier happy about the war he is fighting. cheap moncler coats for women

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moncler outlet store Every living creature wages war in some sense in its own way. Humans are just exceptionally good at it. The added bonus is that we also realize and often try to, and succeed in, limit the horrors and collateral damage of it moncler outlet store.