Overtly Politically loaded posts are DISQUALIFIED


When you go from high school to college

1. Follow reddiquette when posting. Heated moncler outlet prices discussions and normal arguments are fine, but please remember there’s a person on the other side of the screen.

Harassment, witchhunts, personal attacks and threats are bannable offenses. (Ban length depends on the severity of the asshole behavior).

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moncler coats for cheap 3. No Puffy Vaginas (Porn/34). Other NSFW content should be moncler outlet tagged. moncler coats for cheap

moncler chicago 4. This is a politically neutral subreddit. Overtly Politically loaded posts are DISQUALIFIED. Comment threads that dissolve into political shit flinging will be locked. moncler chicago

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6. Unverified premiere dates posts linking to clickbait/fake rumors are DISQUALIFIED

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8. Low best moncler jackets effort posts, memes and discount moncler jackets anything that qualifies as a Shitpost now belongs in moncler uk outlet r/Mortytown.

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Stuff you saw IRL that reminds you of something you saw moncler jacket outlet from Rick and Morty

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That stock art Pizza Man logo

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